Born and bred in the wine industry you could say! My parents were avid wine collectors and it was their love of wine and of course food was what led me to my path as a wine (and food) professional. My dad, while being a music teacher, led wine tastings for a legendary wine society called Les Amis du Vin. Here I met some of the luminaries of the wine business, Michael Broadbent, Harry Waugh, Don Zaccharia, Bill Deutsch, Sam Aaron, Kevin Zraly, and so many more, all of whom conducted tastings, gave wine or just attended the tastings for my dad in the early 70’s. What an education at an early age! Then there were the legendary dinners at home where my parents would cook for days for their guests. Elaborate dinners, 7, 10 courses all coupled with wine and yes I got to taste a bit before being sent to bed, how lucky for me! Dad then went on to run a wine and spirits gift giving catalogue before the internet (yes kids there was a time when there was not internet). Always involving me in his work, I got to meet some of the trailblazers of the wine and spirits industry in the 80’s. So many legends, and it’s these people who we can thank for setting the path for today’s industry.

All of this led to my inevitable entree into the working world of wine. After completing my BA at Brandeis University, I did what every Jewish girl at the time would never dream of, I went to the CIA (Culinary Institue of America) and learned how to cook! Epiphany hit and I realized that I’d rather eat in a restaurant than work in one, and that I knew a lot about wine and maybe that should be my career. So I interviewed and wound up at one of the greatest wine companies in the industry, Frederick Wildman and Sons. I stayed there for 29 years, where I worked my way up to AVP of Marketing until I left to start my own business, WineDistilled LLC, a marketing and brokerage firm. Check me out at WineDistilled https://www.winedistilled.com